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Tuition Rates

School Year Tuition Rates

We require that your child be registered for a minimum of 2 days per week.  We offer a 10% discount for siblings. This is a blended rate, meaning that this will not change for snow days and vacations during the school year.

Days/Week           Rate

      5                   $120

     4                    $96

     3                    $72

     2                    $48

     1                    $24


Summer Camp Tuition Rates

We offer  a 10% discount for siblings. Our summer camp enrollment is flexible to meet the individual needs of each family, only sign up for the days and weeks that you need care!  

Days/Week             Rate

      5                      $220

     4                      $176

     3                      $132

     2                       $88

     1                       $44

There is an annual $50 registration fee charged at the time of enrollment.

If registering for summer camp, a $50 deposit is also required and will be applied to your fees charged for the first week of summer camp attended by your child/ren.

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